Graph House Flyer Design

Recruitment flyer for digital agency Graph House (February 2017)

As our organization expanded, we needed more designers to take on bigger design contracts from the startups and student organizations around Atlanta. I was tasked with creating a recruitment flyer that would be the basis for our brand.


Before beginning my design, I created a moodboard, seeking inspiration from print media, as well as photography and web design in order to figure out the desired feelings of a welcoming and personal digital agency.


I went through a variety of iterations before I got to a place that I liked. These are some of the earlier iterations. The main theme that I was interested in was the focus on repeated typography as the focal point of the piece.

This is the final flyer, my 36th version of the flyer. Since we are looking for designers at a tech school, I decided that echoing the primary colors of Swiss design would be valuable, since those evoke the most standard idea of what "design" is. In a more design-centric community, I would've focused on less traditional colors, but this was adapted for the audience. Another major point I focused on was where the eye is led. I wanted everything to lead your eye to the final piece, a link to our website, which is why I sought to create these angled lines. The eye begins on the repeated "graph house" motif and moves to the text, down to the link.