My name’s Nikhil! I'm a Product Designer at Fleetsmith in San Francisco. I’m early in my career, so I specialize in asking a lot of dumb questions and always wanting feedback.

I'm a recovering CS major who transitioned into design after a summer of writing code that never really went anywhere. I’ve done design work at Exposure, BuzzFeed and Focus Brands, as well as freelance work for some local startups.

Feel free to contact me through social media or drop me a line at hey@niksethi.com.


  • Grew up in Atlanta Suburbs

  • Too many internships trying to find my way

  • Studied Computational Media at Georgia Tech

  • UX Design at Focus Brands

  • Product Design at BuzzFeed

  • Design and Social Media at Exposure

  • Move to SF

  • Product Design at Fleetsmith

  • ???