Hi There! My name is Nikhil.

I'm a fourth-year Computational Media major at Georgia Tech, with a minor in industrial design, which means I'm studying a combination of computer science, design, and liberal arts. I'm a designer focused on product, branding, and illustration.

I initially wanted to be a software engineer, so I say I'm a recovering CS major. After a summer of writing code that never really went anywhere, I realized I cared more about the context of the software more than the implementation. So, I transitioned to design, where I aim for solutions that not only accomplish that goal but also evoke emotion.

To me, happiness in life comes down to creating and I aim to both create as much as possible and help others to do the same. I create illustrations, wacky tweets and newsletters.

In my free time, I get overly excited about the Hawks, Braves, Falcons, and Yellow Jackets. You can usually find me in coffee shops overpaying for coffee, reading as many books as possible, or finding a new set of aspirations on Pinterest.

Feel free to contact me through social media or drop me a line at hey@niksethi.com.